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MP3 Download HQ lets you download Music, Movies, Games, TV Shows & Software!

MP3DownloadHQ is very popular with our users as it lets you connect to a network of over 30 million users that are sharing over 12 billion files from all over the world. MP3 Download HQ sells and sells whilst continually increasing the number of its members. MP3DownloadHQ gives you access to files available all over the world and it is the world's fastest P2P file-sharing application, letting users share and search for any type of computer files including Music, Concert and Music Videos, TV Shows and Episodes, Movies, Games, Software, and DVD and CD covers for your favourite Music and Movies.

MP3 Download HQ is easy to install, and very easy to use. Users are able to see how downloads are rated, and you are also able to see how many users you can download a file simultaneously from. This way you can decide from your search results which file will download the fasted! Downloads are fast an uninterrupted. MP3DownloadHQ is an impressively powerful piece of software that supports multiple searches and multiple downloads simultaneously without affecting your internet bandwidth so that you can still surf the internet without noticing downloads in the background. This is a real bonus if you are downloading high quality movies that may take up to 2 hours.

Even though MP3 Download HQ specialises in music, you will still find all the movies, games, software and DVD/CD covers on this site. We downloaded a few new releases as well as old classics and even TV series and episodes. Download speeds were as fast as the best P2P clients that we have reviewed. A high quality song can be downloaded within 2 minutes (with a DSL connection and downloading from one user) and movies can be downloaded anywhere between 20 minutes and up to 2 hours - this obviously depends on the number of users that you are currently downloading from, the length of the movie and the internet connection type.

MP3DownloadHQ respects your privacy and guarantees of no adware and no spyware. You will also never see any advertisement during using MP3 Download HQ. The members area is full of free software downloads to give all the tools you need to download music, movies, software, games and software - and to be able to burn them to CDs and DVDs. The free software also protects you from spyware/adware and viruses to make sure that your PC stays clean and secure while downloading. If MP3DownloadHQ detects a corrupt file, or virus, while downloading it stops immediately and alerts the user. The user has the choice to either continue, stop, or remove the infected file. Also included are antivirus protection, popup prevention, and technical support.

MP3 Download HQ is priced aout the same as most other P2P products, but they do not offer a life time membership. Even though their internet site does not look very professional, you will not be disappointed with the P2P download client. If you are looking for a powerful product with more functionality, faster download speeds, higher quality media and an unbelievable number of shared files and users, then spending the extra is well worth it!

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 Downloads: > 270, 000 (per year)
 Developer: MP3 Download HQ
 Language: English
 Version: Please refer to MP3 Download for the latest version  
 License: General Public License (GPL)
 Price: 1 year $19.00 | 2 years $25.00 | Life Time N/A  
 Supported Operating Systems: Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, CE, Vista, Linux, Mac
 Size: 2.22 MB
 Download time: 56K: 5m 24s  64K: 4m 44s  128K: 2m 22s  768K: 23s
 Last Updated: Please refer to MP3 Download for the latest updates
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"I am able to find all the songs I search for as well as the odd new release movie too. I had problems with MP3 Download HQ not connecting to the network because of my firewall , and the Technical Response Team answered my email within 3 days to explain how to let my firewall software allow MP3DownloadHQ through and connect to the network."
- user wished to remain anonymous
"After purchasing MP3 Download HQ, I installed it with one click , and immediately was able to download songs..."
- Kate Burke, California, USA
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