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PC Optimizer Pro Review

PCOptimizerPro Review:

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Download PC Booster to improve your PC's performance and stability with just a few button clicks!

With PC Optimizer Pro you can safely clean, repair and optimize the windows registry with a few simple mouse clicks! By the regular usage of this utility and fixing registry errors your system should not only be more stable but it will also help improve your system performance without expensive hardware upgrades. Taking this application as merely a registry cleaning utility will be wide of the mark as this is much more. This is truly the best suite for your PC to speed it up and give a new life to it by removing unnecessary files, removing registry values and keys, tweaking and tuning the PC, boost up the windows load time no matter which windows operating system you use. The backup facility is there where you can take backup and restore later in order to hedge any sort of risk involved in it. The application is highly customizable and allows you to interact with it in true sense, so you can change its configuration according to your own sweet will.

PCOptimizerPro really helps boosting the performance of your PC; you will be able to get rid of problematic and obsolete registry keys and value entries created by software and drivers that you either uninstalled or deleted incorrectly in the past. It will also prevent Windows crashes and slow performance and error messages that actually are caused by problems with the Windows registry. Regular use of PC Optimizer Pro should not only be more stable but it will also help improve your system performance without expensive hardware upgrades. You won't have to be an expert to use a PCOptimizerPro; so don't worry about any limitation of computer knowledge.

PC Optimizer Pro’s Backup feature automatically backs up the complete registry so you can restore it later if required. The Startup Manager prevents spy applications from running on your PC without you knowing, and the tool erases your Internet surfing tracks to ensure your privacy by erasing the history of those applications, as well as removing broken windows shortcuts. Through the One-step PC Maintenance Wizard you can schedule system maintenance and much more...

Powerful features of this utility include the ability to identify registry keys of memory hogging applications, setting parameters for custom RAM optimization. Licensed software includes a life time free updates and free email support.

PCOptimizerPro Statistics:

 Downloads: > 600, 000
 Developer: PCOptimizerPro
 Language: English
 Version: Please refer to PCOptimizerPro for the latest version  
 License: Licensed to PCOptimizerPro
 Price: $29.95
 Supported Operating Systems: All Windows Platforms
 Size: 3.9 MB
 Download time: 56K: 7m 1s  64K: 6m 36s  128K: 3m 12s  768K: 45s
 Last Updated: Please refer to PCOptimizerPro for the latest update
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PCOptimizerPro Screenshots:

See what PC Optimizer Pro looks like
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PCOptimizerPro User Reviews:

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The above screenshot shows PCOptimizerPro's 1-click scan feature and the areas of the registry and your computer that it scans for errors and optimizes.
See what PC Optimizer Pro looks like
Click on image to view full size

Under the Tracks Eraser tab you can clear all your Internet surfing history and logs so you can cover your tracks as well as sppeding up the speed of your PC.

See what PCOptimizerPro looks like
Click on image to view full size
From the System Info tab you are able to see exactly what is installed on your PC